Infrastructure Services

We’ll help you harness the power of emerging technologies while getting the most out of your legacy environments. Whether that’s fixing problems when they occur – or optimising capacity and availability.

Support and Maintenance
We provide efficient and responsive multi-vendor support and maintenance that gives you a guaranteed response within a defined service level agreement.
Contract Management
We give you complete visibility and control of the contract management process, maximising operational performance and compliance and ensuring that all your supplier contracts support the needs of the business.
Break/Fix and Monitoring
We’ll ensure your IT environment is monitored 24/7, initiating proactive maintenance when it’s needed and in a timely manner to minimise the risk of minor issues escalating into bigger problems. That includes keeping an eye on your inventory – ensuring planned upgrades take place on schedule – to ensuring critical housekeeping activities happen when they should (like your automated back-up).
Server and Desktop Virtualisation
We’ll help you implement a new model of IT service delivery that overcomes the limitations of outmoded hardware-centric architectures. Giving you automated operations management that drives new levels of resource utilisation and workforce productivity.
Hosting and Cloud
Whether you need virtualised hardware resources or cloud hosting services, we’ll ensure you get all the scalability and flexibility you need to perform while taking care of security and privacy.

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